Texas Parent PAC
A Pro-Public School Political Action Committee


In each election cycle candidates disseminate negative comments about opponents and the groups who support them. The bullies even attack and tell lies about Texas Parent PAC. Some of the silly and immature things they have said are Texas Parent PAC's "name is both erroneous and ironic," the PAC "is ostensibly dedicated to education," is "liberal," and "a tool for promoting wretched public policy." Ridiculous!

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

If you have any questions about Texas Parent PAC, please email info@txparentpac.com, and a volunteer will respond to you.

The best way for parents and public school supporters to stand up to the bullying is to keep on winning legislative elections. Texas Parent PAC has a track record of success! Please make a contribution here or send a check to Texas Parent PAC, P.O. Box 303010, Austin, TX 78703-0051.

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